Resolution to Recognize University of Illinois Students, Faculty and Staff Serving on Active Military Duty

The Board of Trustees wishes to recognize those members of the University of Illinois family who have responded to the call to active duty with the military from fall 2002 to the present. These individuals have served at home and abroad in aid of security for our country and protection of others in these extremely threatening times. They have participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom (in Afghanistan) and Operation Noble Eagle (in our country).

Since fall 2002, 191 students, faculty and staff from the University have been called to active duty. In addition, many alumni have been called to military service as well. The Board of Trustees wishes to express its deep regret at the loss of an alumnus of the University, Brian Donatus Slavenas, of Genoa, Ill., who gave his life for our country in Iraq.

It is with pride that we take this opportunity to praise the courage and valor of these outstanding men and women of our extended university family. We send a heartfelt message of gratitude to them for all they have sacrificed in order to protect the lives of those in other parts of the world and to provide security for our country. We also send words of comfort to the families of these students, faculty, staff and alumni currently serving in the military away from home and family.

The Board of Trustees directs that this resolution be incorporated in the minutes of today's meeting, to become a part of the official public record.

Approved by the Board of Trustees, Jan. 15, 2004, on motion of Trustee Devon C. Bruce.

Seal of the University of Illinois; used with permission.